Top 3 Breathing Exercises For Instant Relaxation

In this day and age, we all feel stressed out from time to time. This stress if prolonged, can lead to many health issues such as high blood pressure, anxiety and even depression.

The good news is that there are some simple breathing exercises that can help you get rid of stress almost instantly.

You can do these exercises anywhere and at any time to achieve a relaxed state of mind. All you need is to spare 5 to 10 minutes everyday to feel at peace which is hard to come by in this fast paced world.

So without any further delay, below are the top 3 most effective breathing exercises for instant relaxation.

4 X 4 Technique

This is one of the most simple and yet extremely effective breathing exercise to get instant relief from stress and anxiety. This exercise quickly calms your nerves before an important event in your life such as a job interview. It is equally effective as a sleep aid as it helps controlling the racing thoughts.

How to Perform this Exercise?

  • Keep your mouth closed throughout the duration of this exercises.
  • Start inhaling through your nostrils while counting to 4.
  • Hold your breath and again count to 4.
  • Now exhale from your diaphragm while counting to 4.
  • Repeat this activity for at least 2 minutes.
  • With the passage of time, you can increase the duration of inhaling and exhaling for deeper relaxation.

Alternate Nostril Breathing Technique

This technique is especially helpful when you are feeling low on energy. Just by performing this exercise for 5 minutes, you get the same feeling of freshness that you get after a good workout. This state of mind helps you focus on tasks at hand with a positive frame of mind.

How to Perform this Exercise?

  • Start this exercise by sitting in a comfortable position preferably in a meditation pose.
  • Put your right thumb over your right nostril and inhale from your left nostril.
  • Now, put your right index finger on your left nostril and exhale from the right nostril.
  • Now do it the other way around while inhaling and exhaling as deeply as possible.

The 4 X 7 X 8 Technique

This technique is another great way to achieve the state of deep relaxation in a matter of minutes. After performing this exercise, you will feel as if you just got an hour long massage. It also helps you sleep like a baby after a stressful day.

How to Perform This Exercise?

  • Inhale through your nostrils while counting to 4.
  • Hold your breath for 7 seconds.
  • Exhale through your mouth while counting to 8.
  • Keep your tongue pressed against the gums of your front teeth while performing this exercise.
  • This means that you will have to breath around your tongue which might be a little difficult in the beginning, but you will quickly get used to it.
  • Research shows that exhaling longer than you inhale helps you with deeper relaxation and tranquility.

Final Words

The breathing exercises explained above are recommended by many expert yogis and even therapists to people who have a history of anxiety and other mental issues.

I urge you to share these exercises with your friends and family members because everyone needs a dose of relaxation every now and than.

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