5 Effective Tips on How to Stop Negative Thoughts Instantly

Research has shown that almost 80% of our thoughts are negative. This shows that our mind has a natural tendency of thinking negatively.

So unless we take control of our thought process, our negative thoughts will automatically take control of us and consume us. These negative thoughts when left unchecked, can easily turn in to full blown depression.

Overcoming negative thinking is not easy when you have a tendency of blowing things out of proportion. However, by following some time tested tips and techniques, this journey of self control can become smooth. This article contains 5 effective and practical tips on how to stop negative thoughts so that you can feel better immediately.

It is highly recommended that you follow the below mentioned tips for at least 21 days to control your thought process and you will notice miraculous changes in your personality and your outlook on life.

1. Acknowledge Negative Thoughts

The biggest mistake that most of the people make is that they try to ignore their negative thoughts. Ignoring your problems has hardly ever solved anything in life.

The first thing you should do is acknowledge your negative thoughts every time they arise. This step makes you aware of your thought process which in turn makes you feel in control. The key here is that you only acknowledge the negative thought, but don’t pay attention to its details.

Trust me, following only this tip will work wonders for you.

2. Replace negative thoughts

Once you have acknowledged a negative thought, next step is to replace it with a positive one. This is what cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) teaches us as well.

Therefore, it is safe to say that this tip is also approved and highly recommended by mental health experts.

Think about things that relax you and make you feel happy. These relaxing thoughts can be different for different people so focus on the things and situation that you like.

3. Move Around

Another great tip on how to stop negative thoughts is to go for a walk. This tip improves the flow of blood in your body and brain which in turn makes you feel good. Going for a walk during daylight is even more beneficial for you, because you get free supply of vitamin D from sun rays which increases the production of serotonin (mood boosting hormone) in our brain.

However, going out of your home may not be possible at all times because of the weather or time of the day, but the least that you can do is move around your room as it helps you divert attention from negative thoughts.

4. Connect With Others

Next time you feel overwhelmed with negative and depressing thoughts, try talking to a friend or a loved one. This interaction can be face to face or even over the phone.

Sharing your feelings and thoughts with people you trust makes you feel as if a huge burden has been taken off your chest. In case if you don’t have friends or family around, you can also join online support groups that can be accessed pretty much anytime of the day to share your feelings and get some advice.

5. Breathe

The easiest tip on how to stop negative thoughts is to simply breathe. Taking a few deep breaths with your eyes closed has a very soothing effect on your body and mind. While you are at it, try to imagine that you are in a very beautiful place with bright lights around you.

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Final Words

Majority of our negative thoughts are not even based on reality. We tend to over exaggerate situations in our minds and put ourselves under unnecessary stress.

I urge you to strictly follow the above mentioned tips whether you feel like it or not and I can guarantee that you can take control of your mind and thoughts.

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