7 Tips for Overcoming a Nervous Breakdown

Nervous breakdown is a name given to overwhelming stress which mostly develops overtime and makes you feel as if your whole life is breaking apart.

It is important to know that nervous breakdown itself is not a mental disorder, but it is an indication that you might be suffering from a mental illness such as depression or anxiety.

There can be many different causes behind a nervous breakdown and by identifying its warning signs, you get a fair chance to nip this evil in the bud.

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Nervous breakdown is as terrible as it sounds, but the good news is that there are many ways to overcome it.

This article outlines 7 tips that help you deal with a nervous break down.


1. Avoid Caffeine and Alcohol

Alcohol and caffeine consumption is more common in our society these days then drinking water. What most of the people don’t know is that both of them can play a part in increasing mental and physical stress.

Too much caffeine can make you irritated and makes it difficult for you to sleep. Lack of sleep overtime increases your stress levels which can lead to a nervous breakdown.

On the other hand, alcohol might give you the feeling of relaxation in the short term, but its effect are exactly the opposite in the long run.

Studies have shown that too much alcohol consumption decreases the production of “feel good” hormones in your brain which in turn makes your more stressful.

In the light of above facts, it is safe to say that you should eliminate the intake of caffeine and alcohol in order to treat nervous breakdown.


2. Exercise Regularly

Exercise is one of the best ways of coping with a nervous breakdown. Any sort of rigorous exercise when performed for 20 minutes of more increases the production of serotonin (feel good hormone) in your brain and help you fight stress.

There is no hard and fast rule about what type of exercises should be performed to fight stress. The key here is that you should do any exercise that you like on daily basis to feel better. The only recommendation in this case is to perform your exercises outdoor and in day time so that you can also reap the benefits sunlight which also helps you fight stress.


3. Try Meditation

There is hardly anything that beats meditation when it comes to relaxation techniques. Meditating for even 15 minutes everyday can work wonders and can help you overcome a nervous breakdown. It helps you take your attention away from the thoughts that make you stressful.

There are different meditation techniques that you can use, but the one which produces best results is controlled breathing.

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4. Take Some Time Off

More often than not, nervous breakdown is a result of prolonged stress. Working or studying for long hours is extremely exhausting both mentally and physically even if you love what you are doing.

It is always a good idea to take some time off from your hectic routine and go on a vacation. You might think that your studies or job are extremely important and there is no way you can take a break. The reality is that nothing is more important than your health and well being.

What’s the point of working so hard if you can not enjoy your life?

Taking some time off from your daily routing even for a week can work wonders and prevent you from nervous breakdown.


5. Don’t Be a Perfectionist

It is a good thing to strive for perfection in every field of life because that is how you achieve massive amount of success. However, this habit of seeking perfection in everything can become your biggest enemy.

People who are obsessed with organizing and planing everything in their life are bound to get disappointed ans stressed because everything around us is not in our control.

Give your best in every situation and learn from your mistakes so that you don’t repeat them, but don’t be too hard on yourself if things don’t go according to your plan.


6. Spend More Time With Your Loved Ones

Isolating yourself or avoiding the company of others when you feel anxious or stressed is like adding fuel to the fire of nervous breakdown. You are less likely to experience a nervous breakdown when you have your loved ones around.

Psychological research has shown that sharing your thoughts and problems with people you love and trust is a great way to release stress. It will feel as if a huge burden has been lifted from you.

Furthermore, spending quality time with your friends and family takes your attention away from your own worries and you feel refreshed.


7. Pay Extra Attention to Your Diet

Your diet not only affects your physical health, but it also has a great impact on your mental health. Deficiency of certain nutrients such as B Vitamins and Omega 3 fatty acids can decrease the production of feel good hormones (Serotonin) and can make you more prone to a nervous breakdown.

Eating foods like fish, low-fat dairy products and nuts provide you with the necessary supply of omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin B which ensures that your mental health remains in check.

Furthermore, Vitamin D is also essential for good mental health and you can get it from the same food sources which are mentioned above other than spending some time in the sunlight on daily basis.


Final Words

All of the tips mentioned in this article will surely help you fight the symptoms of nervous breakdown. However, these tips should not be used as an alternative to professional advice.

It is highly recommended that you consult a doctor about your current mental condition so that he / she may prescribe medication and / or therapy if necessary along with the above mentioned tips to treat nervous breakdown.

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