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Understanding The Thyroid and Panic Attacks Connection

Traumatic life events and genetics are the two main causes of panic attacks. However, every now and than psychiatrists come across patients who do not fulfill this criteria of diagnosis. Recent studies have shown that there can also be some

3 Techniques for Stopping a Panic Attack Instantly

If you have ever been hit by a panic attack, then you are familiar with the feeling of all hell breaking lose. Your heart starts pounding and you feel as if you will choke to death. Panic attacks are dreadful

5 Ways of Treating Panic Disorder Without Medication

We all tend to panic under stressful situations. However if you experience frequent panic attacks without any specific reason, then you are suffering from panic disorder. Although this disorder is not life threatening, but it can seriously impact the quality

Panic Attacks – The Symptoms & Causes

Panic attack is an episode of extreme anxiety and fear which makes you feel as if all hell is breaking loose. Your heart starts pounding and your breathing becomes heavy. This can all lead you to believe that you are

Acupuncture for Panic Attacks – A Popular Alternate Treatment

Psychiatrists normally prescribe a combination of medication and psychotherapy to treat panic attacks, but these treatment options come with some side effects. Both medication and therapy take time to improve a patient’s health and they also create dependency. Due to