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Scientific Research Linking Dental Fillings to Depression

Almost 80% of US adult population has dental fillings. Majority of the fillings are made up of mercury and other metals. There is growing evidence that mercury from these fillings leaks in form of liquid and vapors and reaches different 

5 Foods That Fight Depression

There is growing evidence that our diet has a vital impact on our mood and mental health. People suffering from depression need to be careful with what they eat, because eating certain foods can worsen their symptoms.

Similarly, incorporating certain

5 Foods That Worsen Depression

We are what we eat”

We dig our graves with our own teeth”

Chances are that you have heard both of these statements at least once in your life. These statements are not folk lore because science has

5 Hidden Symptoms of Depression That No One Notices

When we think of depression, symptoms like sadness, hopelessness and suicidal thoughts come to mind, but sometimes, depression attacks with symptoms which were previously unheard of and not associated with depression.

There are several different types of depression and their

Unipolar Depression 101

Unipolar depression also known as major depression is a mental condition that makes you feel down and worthless. Such feelings are also accompanied by change in appetite and sleeping pattern. Moreover, a person with unipolar depression lose interest in activities