6 Ways You Can Save Someone From Suicide – Part 2

4. Stay Connected

If someone around you is showing the warning signs of suicide, don’t leave that person alone. If you don’t live with that person, then check up on them as frequently as possible.

Almost 100% of the suicides are committed when there is no one around. Therefore, do everything you can to ensure that the suicidal person has some company at all times.

If that is not possible, then be prepared to admit that person in a mental health facility so that they are kept under 24 / 7 observation.

5. Have a Mental Health First Aid Kit Handy

Having a mental health first aid kit handy for someone showing suicidal tendencies can be life saving. This kit usually contains items that can cheer up and calm down the person trying to commit suicide.

This first aid kit is not something that you will find in a pharmacy. You can easily make it on your own. The kit or box can contain all or most of the following items:

  • Pictures and notes from loved ones expressing their love for the person with suicidal tendencies.
  • Inspirational quotes, poems or books that can instill hope.
  • A small containers of thing (s) that the person enjoys eating or drinking such as chocolate, sweets, juices etc.
  • Something nice to listen to which can reduce stress such as favorite music or a message from a loved one.
  • Sovereigns or gifts that the person really cherishes.

In short, this kit should contains all items that can relax the person while using different senses such as smell, hearing, sight, touch etc.

However, this kit should only be used as a first line of defense and should not be relied upon as the only way to stop someone from committing suicide.

6. Show Compassion

Human beings are social animals and we rely on each other in different situations to survive and thrive. The best thing you can do to prevent someone from committing suicide is show them love and compassion. Show them that they are cared for and are not alone in this battle.

A lot of times, people trying to commit suicide feel that others don’t understand them or don’t care for them. These feelings of worthlessness can easily lead to suicide.

There are a lot of things that you can do to make someone feel special and cared for such as:

  • Spending quality time with them
  • Take the person out for food or just for a walk
  • Read books or favorite writings to the person
  • Bring gifts for the person

There is no limit to how you can show compassion towards a person. Do everything you can to make them feel valued.

Suicide doesn’t end the chances of life getting worse, it eliminates the possibility of it ever getting any better.” -Unknown

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