10 Signs You are About to Have a Nervous Breakdown – Part 2

6. Disorganized Behavior

Stress can make even the most organized of people act clumsy.

If someone who otherwise likes to keep everything in order suddenly starts acting like he / she does not care about such thing anymore, then there is definitely something wrong.

Stress sucks all the energy out of you and even doing small household chores such as cleaning up your room can feel like a huge burden and you feel better off putting off such tasks for as long as you can.


7. Anger and Rage

Some people are born with an aggressive nature and they tend overreact more often than not. Although aggression under any circumstances is not good, but there is nothing much to worry about if someone is acting like they always do.

However, there is a problem if someone who is normally laid back all of a sudden starts getting agitated on minor issues. Even the most mellow people tend to overreact to situations and start picking fights if they are over stressed because too much exertion makes you feel edgy all the time.


8. Isolation

Social withdrawal is another major sign of serious mental issues including nervous breakdown. Under extreme stress, people tend to isolate themselves and start avoiding the company of others. In the process, they unintentionally shun the support of their family and loved ones when they need it the most.

Stress and anxiety can also make you lose interest in hobbies and activities you once enjoyed. If you or any of your loved ones has been avoiding social gatherings lately, then a doctor should be consulted immediately before things lead to a full blown nervous breakdown.


9. Negative Thoughts

Study of human psychology has shown that most people naturally tend to think negatively. A little bit of negativity and skepticism in thinking is important because it prevents us from taking too many risks is life and helps us stay away from danger.

However, people suffering from stress and mental disorders think negatively all the time. Such people develop a habit of imagining the worst possible outcome in every situation and they think that something very bad is going to happen to them. This warning sign can be linked to aggression as well because the person feels edgy all the time and is always on the defensive even if a minor threat is observed.


10. Sensitivity to Light, Noise and Smell

Research has shown that prolonged stress heightens many of our senses. In some recent scientific studies, some people were shown stressful images and videos and were asked if they smell something funny in the room. Amazingly, most of the test subjects claimed that they could smell bad odor in the room even though the room smelled perfectly fine.

Similarly, your eyes become sensitive to light and your ears become sensitive to noise when you are under stress. You prefer to stay in a dark room and avoid the company of others as you don’t want to hear their voice.


Final Words

Someone who has experienced a nervous breakdown will tell you that it is one of the worst feelings that you can ever have in life. You feel totally helpless and it seems that you are about to have a heart attack.

However, it is important to know that nervous breakdown is not life threatening in most cases and by knowing the early warning signs, you can surely prevent yourself from this debilitating situation.

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