10 Signs You are About to Have a Nervous Breakdown – Part 1

Modern life is stressful.

Some people are stressed about their finances while others are stressed about their relationships. It is safe to say that no one is living a stress-free life in this day and age.

Some stress is OK, but when this stress becomes overwhelming, it can easily lead to a nervous breakdown.

Nervous breakdown is not a medical term or a condition, but it is widely used to described a situation in which the person experiencing it is unable to act normally and feels as if all hell is breaking lose.

Most of the times, nervous breakdown is an indication of some serious underlying mental issues such as depression and anxiety and therefore should not be taken lightly.

This article contains 10 unsuspecting signs and symptoms of a nervous breakdown that you should be aware of so that proactive measures can be taken to prevent to worst from happening.


1. Change in Appetite

Drastic change in eating habits is a sign that you are under stress. Our brain releases a hormone known as cortisol when we are stressed out.

This hormone makes you feel hungry even if you might have just eaten. That is the reason why most of the people binge eat when they are under stress.

However, it is also not uncommon for some people to start skipping meals or even starve themselves when they are stressed.

So sudden change in your appetite should be an indication for you that something needs to be addressed.


2. Change in Sleeping Pattern

Just like change in appetite, people suffering from too much and prolonged stress also experience changes in their sleeping pattern.

Contrary to the popular belief, most of the people are unable to sleep when they are stressed because of racing thoughts and worries. Having said that, it is important to know that every person’s “fight or flight” system is unique and some people tend to sleep all day and don’t even feel like getting out of bed due to worries and stress.

So once again, sudden changes in your sleeping pattern can be a sign that you are heading towards a nervous breakdown.


3. Inability to Focus

Too much stress and worry makes it difficult for you to focus on task at hand. Sometimes, even remembering the names of your colleagues that you have been working with for years can seem like a difficult task.

People battling with stress are unable to perform well on their job or in their studies. Their personal relationships also suffer due to not being able to give proper attention to their friends and loved ones.

If you have recently developed a habit of searching for your phone everywhere in your house while it was in your pocket all along, then you might be heading towards a nervous breakdown.


4. Disturbed Bowel Movements

Stress and anxiety can also make your stomach act-up.

Scientific research has shown that stress combined with some physical factors can badly impact the function of your gastro intestinal (GI) tract and can lead to abdominal pain and inflammation.

Many people also feel constipated when they are under pressure. Eat fibrous foods and take some laxatives to solve this problem. If this does not help, then you should see your doctor for a thorough checkup.

Listen to your gut as it might be warning you about the bigger health problems that may follow.


5. Lack of Self Care

If the excitement of putting together your clothes for the next day at work has been recently replaced with not giving two hoots to what your wear or how you look, then you might be close to a nervous breakdown.

Research has shown that people under a lot of stress pay little to no attention to their physical appearance. In extreme cases, people might even prefer to stay dirty and filthy because cleaning up and dressing properly might be too much hassle for them on top of the stress that they are already facing.

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